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 So how is the summer? Hot, hot and hot and yes hoooooot. We are having a very hot days lately. A lot of people asked me when I moved to Spain why almost everyone had a swimming pool around their house or neighborhood.  Why? People wouldn’t be able to survive the summer being outside without water. Being said that I prefer this whether to cold winter.

I got back to basic this week and used blocks. I’m totally in love with blocks but I try to control myself. If not each week I’d have just blocks for you.
I wasn’t able to create any page before the release but I definitely will this weekend and will share it with you.

Why did I call this pack Nitty – gritty? As blocks are for me the basic shapes used in templates I thought it would be a perfect name for this pack.
Nitty – gritty means between others -  the basic essentials and for me blocks are these essentials. I mean the blocks templates can be used with every kit, can’t they?
The pack is 20% off this weekend at mscraps
Offer ends on Sunday, 20/07/14.

here are some more inspirations from the team:
 by Marnel
 by Eve
by Jen
 by Diane
by Diane
by me

 Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.
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