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New digital templates - Xerox Subsidy - 26/04

Hello fans! New weekend means new release. This week I have created 4 new templates for you. Why did I call them Xerox subsidy? The other day when uploading one of my pages to the designer forum I saw one of ct member said that he page was missing a  photo as she created it at work and didn’t have access to her personal files. I was like woooow I’d love to be able to make pages at my full time job when I’m not busy but let’s face it it’s not and won’t be possible. This gave me an idea of creating an original and easy to scrap with pack. As Xerox subsidy means is a term for the (usually frowned-upon) practice of using a copy machine, printer, or scanner for personal use at work I thought itb would be just a perfect match for this pack. You could definitely create a page with it at work in a moment. When I sit on Thursday at home after veeery long day to create some pages myself I created two very fast. Hope you will have the same filling when you use it.
The pack is 20% off this weekend at both shops – mscraps and DSB.
It's available as .psd, .tiff and separate png files.
Offer ends on Sunday, 27/04/13.
 Here are some inspirations from the team:
by Cecilia
 by Diane
 by Diane
 by me
More can be seen in the producs preview.

Zero hour - new release

Hello friends, I have added a new pack to my shops. It means 6 new templates.
I really felt my template’s mojo was back when I started designing this pack. I couldn’t stop creating new templates. That’s why I have again 6 ones for you. I think I may even create a similar one with some new shapes soon. I really like how easy is to add some papers, elements and create a great looking page in a moment.
I have  even created one myself with the creashens new kit with a photo from my recent holidays in the south of Spain.

The pack is 20% off this weekend at both shops – mscraps and DSB.
Offer ends on Sunday, 20/04/13.
The pack is available as psd, tiff and png files

 here are some inspirations from the team:

by Cecilia

by Mary

by Marion

More to be seen in the products previews
Be sure to check the facebook tomorrow for some great freebie!

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