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As many of you know. I had a chance to guest as a scrapper at the lilypad last month. It was a great month when I decided to give myself a short break from designing and enjoy scrapping and I had a blast.
Today I wanted to share with you my creative process with one of the pages I created last month.
Here is the final result with Jaywalk template. 
(please click on the image for credits) 

Normally what I do first is choosing a photo that I want to use with a particular kit and it's what I did first and then I added the background paper

after this I added the rest of the background papers..
 and cliped few papers with some big elements
 then I started with smaller layers
 and decided to change them as I didn't like the effect

Later I started adding some brushes,...
 ... small elements and I moved the background paper ( I haven't noticed it before :D)
... more cute elements
I didn't think I had chosen the best photo for this kit so I changed it
 then just added some more funky elements
and that's it .. the final result
Hope you liked this post.
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