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As probably many of you (I hope :) have heard the mscraps is celebrating its 4th birthday. It's  a wonderful community where I first was a member as CT team and after some years I was accepted as a templates designer which I'm very happy about.
so the CELEBRATION ... If you enter in THIS part of the forum you will find many games, challanges and all the info about this even.

The celebration means also a SALE. I can tell you a big one. It's the 1st time when the whole MSCRAPS shop is on 40% off sale. It means of course that Jimbo Jambo Designs shop is on sale, too.

I have prepared for you also 3 new packs which cost only 2$:
Piece of cake vol.1, Piece of cake vol.2 and Wind of change. You can see the images below.

I will post some pages from my team later on in a separate post but you can check them now just clicking on each pack.

I have also prepared a new Valentine's pack for you called Perfect macth which was previously released at DSB:

The last but not least my whole shop is on sale - only to Feb 2nd so be sure to pick all your favourite packs :)

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