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New Guests joining JJD

I can finally announce that the new guests joining my team in the following months are:

New guests - I'll be contacting you before your guest time.
Thank you for everyone that applied, I'll be sending to you some coupons :)

mscraps inspirations 21/02

Here are some new inspiratins from Jimbo Jambo Designs' mscraps gallery. If anyone is looking for some inspiration just click HERE 
For credits of each page please click on the image.

by Elitka with Right Royal
Elitka! Wow, the colors in Two Tiny Turtles Collections has really drawn my eye to this page! Love that you used  my Right Royal template so awesomeely!

by SanVHM with Mister Right
I want to go Island Hopping with SanVHM! Look at the beautiful fun she created with my Mr. Right template set! I love how she use the stamps all around the edges!

by France with Level playing field
I love how Frances takes the cut outs in Level Playing Field, and causes them to be a highlight the brilliant colors of the foliage. The photo treatment really is fantastic.

by sucali with Natural energy
Taking the template Natural Energy and using it for a beach vacation memory is so perfect! I love the elements all surrounding the photo! Sucali's pages always have energy on their own too!

by jenevang with Big Enchilada
Big Enchilada is perfect for jenevang and her colorful and happy page. I love the way she captures her kids in pose and in action!

by Soco with back in 5 minutes:
The master at simple and elegant is Soco, she took this template; Back in 5 minutes and just poured beautiful all over! What a page of sweetness.

by sucali with Look around
Once again, I am drawn to sucali and her use of Look Around, from her use of sprinkles to the shadows of perfections. This is just remarkable! That big pink flower is just the bomb diddly!

Special thank you to AnneofAlamo for helping me with this blog post!
thanks for stopping by!

Wonderful Wednesday Deal - Simple fun

Only today Simple fun templates pack is on 50% sale which means it can be bought just for 2$:
It´s available in .psd and .tiff file sbut of cours eyou can contact me and I can send you also separate png files.
The sale is available at mscraps HERE and at DSB HERE

here are some gorgeous pages made with this pack:

by Maribel

by me

by Morgana

by Ana Paula

More can be seen in the pack preview

Valentine's templates

Valentines.... do you celebrate it in any special way? 
I'm not really convinced about this day but I'm really happy that so many people around do sth special for their beloved ones. Have an amaizng celebration!

In case your plans for today is scrapping some Valentine pages I just wanted to remember you some of the Jimbo Jambo Designs Valentine's templates:
Just click on ecah image to see the wonderful previews

Lovey- dovey is 50% off

Here are 3 - 30% off  coupons for ANY templates: Valentines_30% for 3 first lucky fans to use at my mscraps shop HERE

Do not forget about the guest call - today is the last day to send you applications.

Jimbo Jambo Designs' new releases 09/02

This weekend I have prepared for you a raindrop inspired pack. There are all sort of templates - more clean and simple and some more complicated ones with more layers. It's pack for everyone.
As always the pack is available in both shops - mscraps and DSB with 20% off 

and here is another one - Piece of cake vol. 1 and 2 as one pack

and here are some inspirations from the team with both packs:

by Diane with Piece of cake
by Raquel with Old Wives' tale

by sucali with Piece of cake

by Diane with Old Wives' tale
by Maribel with Old Wives' tale

and do not forget about the guest call- all the inf can be found in the previous post or clicking HERE

Jimbo Jambo Designs guest call


The moment has come to post here another guest call

I’m looking for 3 guests to add to my ct team for the following months.

These members should :
- use many templates,
- have enought free time to create pages regularly during the guesting month, 
- be able to work with photoshop or similar
- be reliable (able to meet project deadlines).

Responsibilities include:
  • At least 5 pages during your guesting month
  • Promote Jimbo Jambo Designs products whenever possible via various social media channels (scrapstacks, pinterest, facebook, scrapbook galleries, enabling etc.)
  • This is a 1 month term position with possibilities to last longer :D (yes!! what you heard!)
What do you get?? access to my shop (mainly to new releases but also to some older templates chosen by you).

To apply please fill in THIS FORM
All applicants will receive an email with the confirmation that I have received their application with max. two days. If you don't receive it please contact me to check what could have happened. I don't want to miss any application!

Application deadline is Friday, Feb 14th, 2014. Announcements will be made no later than Feb 22nd.

Inspirations with new releases

The sale at my shop at mscraps is still on for few more hours. Be sure to pick up your favourite packs.
Here are some inspirations from the team with the 2$ packs - Piece of cake vol.1, Piece of cake vol.2, Wind of change

by Diane with Piece fo cake vol.2

by kcvance (guest) with Piece of cake vol. 1

 by Sucali with Wind of change

by Maribel with Piece of cake vol.2

by Cecile with Wind of change

by Raquel with Piece of cake vol. 1

later on I will post all the info about the Guest call :)


As probably many of you (I hope :) have heard the mscraps is celebrating its 4th birthday. It's  a wonderful community where I first was a member as CT team and after some years I was accepted as a templates designer which I'm very happy about.
so the CELEBRATION ... If you enter in THIS part of the forum you will find many games, challanges and all the info about this even.

The celebration means also a SALE. I can tell you a big one. It's the 1st time when the whole MSCRAPS shop is on 40% off sale. It means of course that Jimbo Jambo Designs shop is on sale, too.

I have prepared for you also 3 new packs which cost only 2$:
Piece of cake vol.1, Piece of cake vol.2 and Wind of change. You can see the images below.

I will post some pages from my team later on in a separate post but you can check them now just clicking on each pack.

I have also prepared a new Valentine's pack for you called Perfect macth which was previously released at DSB:

The last but not least my whole shop is on sale - only to Feb 2nd so be sure to pick all your favourite packs :)

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