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New Releases at DSB and Mscraps - 08/23

Do you believe in fortune tellers? I Don't ...or I should say I didn't until now .... when I saw these set of beautiful new templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs :)
The new pack - Fortune Teller -  releases in the DSB store today.
Don't forget to grab it this weekend when it will be at a super 20% discount.
Here is the pack:

Here are the rocking layouts from the CT to make you believe in fortune tellers :)

By Marnel

By Lori

Another one by Marnel - I tell you she really loved this pack! :)

By Cecilia

By Farrah

By Diane

By Jen

 More can be seen in the pack preview.

Also, the pack below is now releasing at the Mscrap store. Do visit the store in case you haven't added it to your stash yet. It's also 20% off during the weekend.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Focus on Photography - Back 2 School details


It’s that time of year!  Remember shopping for school supplies and then opening a brand new box of Crayola 64 crayons?  Yeah, I STILL feel that way, but now I get to shop for school supplies with my kiddies.  Thankfully, they share my excitement over brand new crayons (and the other supplies too).

Now that Back to School time is upon is, it’s important to remember all the little details.  I always set up a little photo shoot for my kids before school starts.  It’s a fun way to get them back in school mode and to be creative.  I also love to take photos of the new school supplies!  I try to remember to document the little details.  Their favorites, their best subject, a new outfit or uniform, what books we are reading right now, and what they want to be when they grow up.  It will be so fun to look back some day on what they loved every year and how it changes over time.  

But that’s not all.  Every year, I have a tradition of taking their photos on the front porch with a chalkboard on the first and last day of the year.  I didn’t invent this idea and I’m sure you’ve seen it floating around the world wide web for years.  I like to use the free printables shared by Yellow Bliss Road.  For these, there’s no fancy props or set-ups, but this really is a fantastic way to document how the kids look on the first day to the last day – See how much they have grown in a single year.  What are your Back to School traditions?

Now we come to the fun part!  Scrapping our photos.  I’m sure I’ll end up with more pages, from our shoot and our first day photos, but for now, I’ll share this one.  I used the Reality & Fantasy template pack from Jimbo Jambo Designs because it reminded me of my old notebook doodles.  I used papers and elements from Karen Funk's Road to Success kit .

New Release at Mscraps - 16/08

Hello weekenders! Hope your start to the weekend has been great. I know I couldn't wait for it to start!
Coming to you this weekend is the Movers and Shakers template pack at Mscraps that had been previously released at the DSB shop.
This is your chance to grab it at a super 20% discount, if you missed the last release.
Don't delay as the offer is available for a limited period only.

Here is the pack:

And here are the rocking pretties by the CT to get your mojo going:
By Cecilia:

By Cheryl

By Diane

By Maribel

By Marnel

By Sharon 

By Sucali

By Wendy

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a rocking weekend!

Wonderful Wednesday & Fabulous Deal

Today at Wonderful Wednesday at Mscraps, grab the Mix Max Vol.1 Templates for just $2!
This offer is also available at the Jimbo Jambo Designs' DSB store.
Add these amazing templates to your stash soon as the offer is good just for today.
Here is the template pack:

Below are the pretties created by the team:
 By Farrah

By Tori

By Cecilia

By Diane

By Maribel

by Cheryl

by Aga

Do not forget about the summer sale at Mscraps. You can find all the info below:

 Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day!

Focus on Photography- Summer through the eyes of children


As we near the end of summer, I reflect on the summers from my childhood and the activities that I thought were so great; some of which, I now think that they weren’t as exciting as I remember.  Looking back on this summer and the things we have done as a family fondly.  Since we didn’t do a big vacation this year, I wanted to make the most of our “staycation.”  I asked the kids about their favorite events and was surprised at their answers.  This got me thinking about my article and I wanted to share my thoughts about summer photos and layouts.

To really make the most of the wonder of childhood, it’s important to look view summer through their eyes.  Imagine you’re seeing things for the first time, or bigger than life.  Take photos from their perspective or take photos of how they are seeing them.  Capture their favorite moments and their excitement when seeing new things.

TECHNICAL TIP:  Light, our most important consideration, is in abundance in the summertime.  Use it to your advantage!  The sun is high in the sky and as bright as can be. Shoot with your subjects back to the sun or late in the day.  Photographers love the “golden hour” – the hour just before sunset.

Another fun idea is to add some whimsy to your photos.  In this example, I used my Lensbaby Composer Pro with the sweet 35 optics to add blur.  It’s a perfect way to really show the magic of the moment.  You can also use the blur features to mimic the tilt-shift effect.


Other ways to add whimsy to can be done within Photoshop when editing the photos.  Try a Black and White conversion to add moodiness, or increasing/decreasing the contrast, depending on your mood and photo.  And, what better way to add whimsy than to grab an action shot!  Missed it the first time?  Don’t worry, kids love action shots and are always willing to try it again, and again, and again.


Another great idea is to hand the camera over to the kids.  As I was pulling up photos for my Project Life pages, I came across this gem that my daughter took on one of our short trips when I’d given her my phone to play with.  I love that instead of looking out the window at the passing scenery, she was watching me.  I look at it now with fond memories of our little trip and can’t help but smile. 

Here is another example.  My son took this photo of my husband and I relaxing at the pool.  Going to the pool was a huge hit for the kids; so thankfully, we spent a lot of time at there this summer.

And one more example of a photo my son took.  The advantage of letting your kids take the photos is that you get to be in some of them, and at the same time, the main subject is my daughter and her excitement as she points out the monkeys at the zoo.

Now that we’ve looked at summer through the eyes of our children, let’s highlight them in our scrapbooks!  I’ve chosen A template from the Summer Time set by Jimbo Jambo Designs.  This template shows a perfect blend of highlighting the photos with my journaling to tell the story of our day at the fair.  I used papers from Gina Miller’s Whisper set and a Journal Card from Valorie Wibbens’ Cotton Candy.

The Circle of Life template is simply perfect for the carousel LO for the opposing page.  Here, I used papers and elements from Vintage Carnival by Sahlin Studio & Jenn Barrette.


Circle of life - New Release at DSB


The wait is over! Jimbo Jambo Designs' brand new template pack, Circle of life, is now available at the DSB store.

Add pizzazz to your pages by using these stunning templates to showcase your life moments. For that one special photo or to capture multiples, morph these to suit your needs.

Don't forget to grab it this weekend when you can get it at a special 20% discount.

Here is the pack:

 Check out the beauties created by the team using this pack:
By Pallavi

By Cecilia

By Tori

By Lori

 By Farrah

By Maribel

 More can be seen in the pack preview.

Also, the pack below is now releasing at the Mscrap store. Do visit the store in case you haven't added it to your stash yet. It's also 20% off during the weekend.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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