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Today at the mscraps newsletter you will get these Christmas / winter cards designed by me for free - I hope you suscribed!

For more info click on the image below
If you wnat to suscribe to the mscraps newsletter you can do it HERE

and today's SPECIAL OFFER from me is:
 spend 5$ at Jimbo Jambo Designs shop at MSCRAPS and get Christmas Cheer pack for free:

The offer works ONLY today so be sure not to miss it.

All the info about the new releases can be found in the previous blog post. I leave you with a short animation with this week info:

New releases 14/12


Hello everyone,

This week I have for you 3 releases in 2 different shops - mscraps and DSB

Here is a small snimation about the all new releases for this week.
You will find more information about ecah of them below. Hope you  like it.

We are getting closer to the Christmas time and I wasn't going to create another Christmas releated pack but there was a special ocassion which is a surprise today and will be revealed tomorrow so stay tuned for the news. Advice: you may want to wait till tomorrow to make your shopping at DSB. Can't say nothing more sorry.

Ok so I'd better start. The firts new release was inspired by stained glass and German windows. Lately I'm really into full page templates and wanted to create something different. It's really easy to mix all the pattern papers and add small elements and in a moment you can get an original page.


This pack is available as .psd, .tiff and separate png files.
Each layer is numbered and there is a numbers guide layer included for an easy way to find each layer. The guide should be deleted before saving your page.

 Here are some inspirations from the team:
by Marnel
 by Chon Chon
 by Diane
 by Raquel
 by Marion
 by Marion

Next new release is CHRISTMAS CHEER pack available at mscraps only.

Here are some inspirations from the CT team

by Chon Chon
 by Maribel
 by Sucali

and the last release is Tally Ho! pack which is 20% off at mscraps only during the weekend
For more information about the pack please check the previous blog post.
thanks for stopping by and be sure to check the SPECIAL OFFER tomorrow

New digital templates/calendars releases - 08/12/13

Happy Saturday! New weekend means new products! :) excited to bring to you - Tally Ho! A set of templates where you have the opportunity to get the crazy out in you and your pictures. The lines are not straight and the shapes are not squares or rectangles. Has just the right eclectic feel to it. Also has a mix of circular templates to play with so that you take baby steps towards crazy:)

Hope you have as much fun playing with these as I had building them. Don't forget to grab it this weekend when it's at a 20% discount.

and here are some pages from my amazing CT:

by Mary
 by Susanne
 by Farrah
 by Marion
 by Raquel
more can be seen in the templates preview available HERE

What's more, the new mscraps release is Bitten by the bug

and new Creative Lenses Studio new release is the new calendar in Portuguese:

thank you for stopping by and have gorgeous Sunday

New releases 29/11 + Black Friday

Can you believe it that December is upon us already! and new templates - Jingle all the way - are just perfect to get you in the mood for the holidays :) whether you are working on a December Daily or capturing Christmas memories in the regular format, these templates will fit right in and add that extra something to your pages.

Don't forget to grab it this weekend when they are at a 20% discount.

As a part of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday celebration you’ll save 20% off on all JJD templates. For more details please click on the links below. Moreover, during the whole weekend I will be giving away additional coupons on JJD facebook fan page so be sure to check IT out from time to time.

It’s always been important to me that holiday themed templates will be useful beyond the holiday season and that they can be used in December, January as any other winter part of the year (in your december daily or project life albums).Some of the templates are exclusive for Christmas and some can be used with your winter photos.

My layout

Layouts by the CT team:
 by Diane
 by ChonChon
 by Maribel
 by Raquel
There will be also another post with the new Christmas and Calendars releases this weekend so stay tuned.
Thank you for stopping by !

Focus on Photography: Tech Talk (aperture)


I’ve written before about the exposure triangle. The three ‘points’ of the triangle are apertureshutter speed, and the ISO. This week, I’ll focus on aperture.

Photographers are always talking about Bokeh, the blur in the background; the “aesthetic quality of the blur of the out-of-focus areas of an image”. Bokeh has been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light" {Wikipedia}.  To achieve great bokeh, photographers manipulate the depth of field, usually by changing the aperture of their lens.

The aperture refers to the size of the opening in a lens that lets in the light. It is measured in f-stops. The smaller the f-stop number, the larger the opening. 

Aperture is important because it determines your depth-of-field, or the portion of your photo that is in focus. A wide open aperture (smaller f-stop) gives you a very shallow depth of field, so only a small portion of your photo will be in sharp focus, and everything in front or behind will be out of focus - bokeh. A smaller aperture (larger f-stop) will give you a much greater depth-of-field, so more of your photo will be in focus.  When taking portraits, many photographers prefer a more shallow depth of field, yielding more bokeh in the background, while landscape photographers use a wider depth of field to capture the whole scene in focus. 

I love to shoot at f/1.2; however, a disadvantage of shooting wide open (with a shallow depth of field) is that it’s much more difficult to nail the focus.  I do not recommend shooting wide open with fast moving kiddies!   As always, I love to encourage you to play around and have fun!  Try setting up several objects and take shots at various apertures – see how your depth of field changes at the varying apertures and watch as your background becomes more or less in focus.  As the holidays approach, a very large aperture can be used to capture fun holiday bokeh.  I’m already in the holiday spirit!  In my example below, I used the Look Around template setfrom Jimbo Jambo Designs  and Cozy Christmas kit from Pink Reptile Designs and Baby it's Cold Kit from Valorie Wibbens.

New Releases DSB and Mscraps - 23/11

Hello everybody! Pallavi here with a very late post today! I have been having some super busy weeks and I feel the only thing that keeps me sane is some me (read: scrapping) time. Specially frustrating is when I sit down with a bunch of photos that I really want to make a pretty page with, and I look at a blank page and nothing comes to mind. Every fellow scrapper knows what I'm talking about! Exactly to help you out in such instances is JJD's new release - Bitten By The Bug. A super pretty set of full page templates to record your memories. The inspiration for these pages is the Holidays but I feel they can be used to scrap any occasion or our everyday moments. You will wee what I am talking about when you go through the pages the team has put together.

With that, I present to you the brand new templates - Bitten by The Bug. They are 20% off through the weekend so add it to your stash soon! 

And here are the pretties by the ladies - 

By Chonchon

By Cecilia

By Diane

By Farrah

By Maribel

By Marnel

Another one by Marnel :)

By Raquel

below you can also find the new releases at mscraps:

and a new calendar (Mon - Sun version) at DSB:

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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