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Greenhouse effect - new templates pack and a new challenge (nr.7)

hello again ladies,
I have previously posted the beautiful  pages and the last challenge winner.
I wanted to thank to everybody who participated in the big birthday giveaway and DST giveaways hope you will want to play in next challenges with the new templates.

your pages and Shillyshally winner!

Hi ladies,

I'm after the holidays with my family, back to my normal life so it's time for your pages with the last free add on template:


Ladies thank you so much for playing and helping me in achiving more fans!!
The winner of the special giveaway is:


thank you to all of you who participated! it was a wonderful day and I'm happy I could share it with you! hope you grabbed all the templates that were available - different for twitter / facebook fans!


Gilrs my birthdays is today! so I'm starting the big giveaway here!
Let me know which is your favourite template from all templates packs and you may win it!(1 comment per person)
I'll announce the winners tomorrow!

6th challenge and Shillyshally templates pack

Hello ladies!
As you already know I'm on holidays however I have found some time to post a new challenge!
Before showing you the new templates pack I just want to let you know that I have posted a special GIVEAWAY earlier so you'd better check it!!


Hello everybody!

Before I post a new challenge I wanted to post separate special info about the big giveaway I'll be having this week!
Last time I wrote you that I'll have something special for you on my birthday. The only info I can get you is that it's this week .. really really soon and there will be different ones going on but only for few hours so you'd better check often the blog, Jimbo Jambo facebook/twitter fan page. We still need at least 9 more facebook fans to do a special giveaway there so suggest it to your friends!
For all of you that are already facebook or twitter fans (or not yet) I'll have a special giveaway here.

inspiration and the winners of the 5th challenge

It's Saturday and I'm going on holidays but before it I wanted to show you some wonderful pages made by with the last free add on template and Bluish and Fairyland templates:

Fairyland - new templates pack and the 5th challenge

Hello again everybody,
We have already met the winners and the beautiful inspirations with Bluish so now it's time for the news - I metioned you about. As you probably know Jimbo Jambo Designs has its facebook page (check it on the right) and twitter (jimbojambod) and as in June it's my birthday (very soon) I decided that I will do a giveaway only for facebook fans (if we hit 25 at least) and only for twitter fans. Maybe I'll  post some exclusive free templates for them so you'd better join us if you do not want to miss it and suggest it to your friends. More fans more giveaways!

winners of the 4th challenge and some inspirations

Hello ladies,

As I said last time each week I'll show you all gorgeous pages that were posted from last templates pack. Here they are the pages with Bluish templates pack and free add on template:

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