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Hello everybody!

Before I post a new challenge I wanted to post separate special info about the big giveaway I'll be having this week!
Last time I wrote you that I'll have something special for you on my birthday. The only info I can get you is that it's this week .. really really soon and there will be different ones going on but only for few hours so you'd better check often the blog, Jimbo Jambo facebook/twitter fan page. We still need at least 9 more facebook fans to do a special giveaway there so suggest it to your friends!
For all of you that are already facebook or twitter fans (or not yet) I'll have a special giveaway here.
 The rules are following:
- become a facebook or twitter Jimbo Jambo Designs fan (if you are not yet)
- suggest it to your friend who will become facebook or twitter fan
- post here a comment with your and your friend names

the prizes: the winners (you and your friend) will get a template of your choice from any pack that I have already designed - it doesn't have to be the same one.. and if there are many comments I may choose more winners.. one more thing your and your friend names count as one comment but you can post how many comments you want to with different friends names who become fans.

If you want to check the prices I have designed the following templates pack:

Centre of the universe


Block of flats:



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Daydreamer said...

Got to like you on facebook

nancy malott= Lisa Mencias

Daydreamer said...

got to like you on facebook

nancy malott=Kim Southwood Combs

Daydreamer said...

got to like you on facebook

nancy malott= Sunny day

France said...

Ok, I know that Heather T joined your FB group, but I have no idea how to tell about the other ones, and I sent it to heaps of peeps! LOL! Oh well. maybe they'll tell me they joined like Heather did :)

France said...

Romy (Romana K) joined too and I sent her a msg. not sure if hse joined b/se of me or not :) but I would like to think so!

Ann G. said...

Hi - i joined your FB page
via France :)

France said...

Marion from MScraps joined (she's Marion on MScraps too), I have invited her.

(thanks Ann for posting!!)

France said...

LSlycord (Linda) joined your FB group too! I'm so excited you are at 29 which means yippee, we get a giveaway!!!!

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