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20/03 new release : Guilty pleasure

Guilty pleasure is a pack with 6 new funky templates.
Why did I call it Guilty pleasure? I think we all have things we can’t resist. For some of you it may be some sweets for the orders maybe some tv series and hope there is a group who thinks about srapbooking as their guilty pleasure. Sometimes when I’m at work I just think I really hope to be back home to be able to scrap a bit. Doesn’t it happen to you, too?

My scrapbooking addiction got me an instagram account. If you'd like to check my pages with jimbojambo templates you can follow me HERE (jimbojambod). If you use instagram be sure to tag your jimbo jambo pages with #jimbojambod #jimbojambodesigns. My personal one is agaplonka (here) Hope to see you all on instagram.

Anyway hope you like a new pack and please remember it’s 20% off during the weekend. Have a great weekend!
P.S.1. I will be sending soon a separate email for my subscribers about the ct guest call so be sure to check your email from time to time.

Guilty pleasure is available as .psd, .tiff, .png and .page.

Here are some pages from my ct team:
by Eveline
 by Eleonora (elitka)
 by Susanne (sucali)
 by Mary (marnel)

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