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Christmas templates + coupon

We have a saying in Poland "Święta, Święta i po Świętach" which means Christmas, Christmas and after Christmas. We all are waiting the whole year for this time and then it passes so fast that when we realize it's already after Christmas. That's why I like so much that we make this time last longer in our scrapbooking pages.

In case you still keep making some layouts with your Christmas photos here is a short reminder of the 4 available packs. If you click on each ypu will be taken to its previews in the JJD mscraps shop.

For all of you who would like to buy any of these packs here is 30% off coupon for these 4 packs valid till Dec 31st. Put Christmas-30%OFF in the checkout. Valid for 10 first people. Enjoy!

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MaryG said...

I tried to use the coupon but it only gave 30% off on 3 of the 4 templates, not on Rockin around the Christmas tree. Subtotal was $18.96 - only $3.90 instead of $5.69 for a total of $15.06. Total should be $13.27 I'll check later to see if this has been corrected.

MaryG said...

I tried to use the coupon again this evening and now I reach the following error:

Coupon not available. Possible reasons:
- the coupon code you entered is incorrect;
- the coupon can be used only by a registered customer;
- the coupon is disabled or expired.

Make sure you have typed the coupon code correctly; if you haven't yet logged in, do so. If none of this works, report the problem to the administrator.

Is there any way I can still get this discount?

Hummie B said...

Just here to share a layout I made with your template. Thanks for the free template.

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