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I have recently downloaded an app called Dreamdays 365 where you can set up a countdown to any even that is waiting for you. I believe that there are many similar ones. The 1st thing I set up right away was my next holidays. It says today 14 days. That's what I love about summer - holidays!! People normally ask me why I don’t take holidays all together while I prefer to divide them during the year. It’s because I love waiting for holidays. It’s what gives me strength.

When I was designing the new pack I had in mind our summer time with lot of sun and butterflies. Yes, butterflies. Do they remember you the summer. This time you have some nice set of butterflies included in the pack. To be happy go lucky means to be cheerful about most all things OR to have a positive view on life and that’s what I see when I look on this pack. It has its roots in summer but of course it’s suitable for so much more. Be sure to share with me your pages if you use it.

The pack is 20% off this weekend at mscraps 
Offer ends on Sunday, 27/07/14.

 CT team inspirations

by Jen
 by ChonChon
 by Diane
 by Eve
 by Sucali
by Eleonora
by Laura

and news this week 

I have just opened JJD shop at OSCRAPS

Happy weekend!
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