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FACEBOOK FAN PAGE / PART 1 - How not to miss the posts


As you all know facebook is changing constantly the settings and designs.
That’s why I decided to create a small post series about facebook fan page so you know where you can find all things and how to use it.

Facebook has not only changed our personal pages but also fan pages.
Today I will try to show you what you can do so you don’t miss the posts with inspirations, ideas, coupons and sales I post on fb.

I have 3182 fans (for I'm very greatful for) at the moment but normally just around 200 people see my posts. Why?
Unfortunately facebook wants us to pay to reach a bigger group as simple as it is.
I do not agree on that. I think the basic options we were given before should be maintained. Yes, at the beginning you all could see my posts.

I know that some of you don’t even get a chance to see anything so hope this post is gonna help somehow.

First think to do is to go to JJD facebook fan page which you can find here ==> HERE

Then you will see the bottons LIKE (which if you are a fan should be already ticked) and FOLLOW - both shown within red frames in the image bellow.


First it appears like + Follow when you click on it it should change to following as in the image bellow.
If you don’t click on + follow you will not see any post on your main wall. 

Then if you click on Like there is one more option ==> GET NOTIFICATIONS

You may think : with the post on the wall it’s enough. For your information I cannot assure you that you will receive the info on your wall as facebook is facebook.
Notifications are the way to be sure you will be informed 100%
You may think again:  nooo I don’t want spam on my wall.
I can assure you I’m not a spammer (as I hate it, too!) and I post things just a few days in the week and max 2 post per day (when there are some busy days).
What I post about? Mainly some inspirations from the templates, sometimes sales or news.
Everything I post about is sth I wouldn't mind receiving myself.

If you have any question or you’d like to know anything more be sure to contact me here (in the comments), PM me on Fb or just write me an email (info in the contact tab).
Thanks for stopping by!
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