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mscraps inspirations 21/02

Here are some new inspiratins from Jimbo Jambo Designs' mscraps gallery. If anyone is looking for some inspiration just click HERE 
For credits of each page please click on the image.

by Elitka with Right Royal
Elitka! Wow, the colors in Two Tiny Turtles Collections has really drawn my eye to this page! Love that you used  my Right Royal template so awesomeely!

by SanVHM with Mister Right
I want to go Island Hopping with SanVHM! Look at the beautiful fun she created with my Mr. Right template set! I love how she use the stamps all around the edges!

by France with Level playing field
I love how Frances takes the cut outs in Level Playing Field, and causes them to be a highlight the brilliant colors of the foliage. The photo treatment really is fantastic.

by sucali with Natural energy
Taking the template Natural Energy and using it for a beach vacation memory is so perfect! I love the elements all surrounding the photo! Sucali's pages always have energy on their own too!

by jenevang with Big Enchilada
Big Enchilada is perfect for jenevang and her colorful and happy page. I love the way she captures her kids in pose and in action!

by Soco with back in 5 minutes:
The master at simple and elegant is Soco, she took this template; Back in 5 minutes and just poured beautiful all over! What a page of sweetness.

by sucali with Look around
Once again, I am drawn to sucali and her use of Look Around, from her use of sprinkles to the shadows of perfections. This is just remarkable! That big pink flower is just the bomb diddly!

Special thank you to AnneofAlamo for helping me with this blog post!
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