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New Release at Mscraps - 9/11

Happy Weekend fellow scrappers! :)
Today, I come to you with a template pack that is releasing at Mscraps for the very first time. Its called - Break the Ice. Here is what Aga - the artist and brain behin JJD - had to say about this template set when they were first released at DSB
'Why did I chose this name? Some people are a bit afraid of the templates that take up the whole page. They gEt used to small – clean and simple pages. I felt this way some time ago but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and started experimenting and I’m so glad I did! Big templates still can look clean and elegant, it only depends on you how you use them. You always can delete some parts or change the opacity of the layers. This pack is really versatile. All templates are big but the style of each one is really different so you may try different techniques on each one. Try it and have fun. Experiment with papers and it’s opacity, change the shadows and I’m sure the effect will be stunning.'
I couldn't agree more! Grab these templates at a 20% discount through out the weekend.
Here's the pack:

And here are some pretties by the team:

By Marnel

By Diane

By Mary

By Mary

By Mary

By Maribel

By Diane

By Cecilia

You can see more images in the full pack preview here.

there is also available a new classic calendar in Portuguese - Mon - Sun version at DSB - here

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a rocking weekend!

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