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Focus on Photography- What to wear Wednesday


No, you're not going crazy- it's NOT Wednesday.  "What to wear Wednesday" has become the phrase used by photographers to showcase recommended outfits for family photos.  The months leading up to the Holidays are the busiest time for family photos and I’m often asked by clients “what should we wear for our photo session?” I thought I'd share a few tips with our fans, not only for planning your own family photos, but there are also some great tips to keep in mind for other photo ops that you might plan ahead for.  Clothing choices make a session that much better, so picking the perfect combination of outfits can be stressful. Here are some ideas to help you determine the best outfits for your session.

1. Avoid anything that will detract the viewer’s eye away from your family’s faces.  Avoid T-shirts with writing on them or characters because the viewer will try to read what is written or will get caught by a familiar character.  Overly busy patterns and frilly collars can also take one’s attention away from the more important parts of the photo - YOU.  I also generally use the rule of thumb that if a hair accessory or jewelry is larger than the face, it should no be worn.

2. Stick to a color palette of three to four complementary colors. Avoid outfits in which everyone is wearing the same thing. Mix it up and have FUN!   Pinterest has a TON of great examples of coordinating outfits.

3. Layers are fun and a way to show personality.  Always stick with what’s comfortable and classy, but represents your family.  Don’t pick suits and dresses if you never otherwise wear them.  Be true to yourselves.

4. Match your clothing colors to your home décor if you plan to hang them on the wall, or at least be mindful of where your photos will be placed when choosing your colors.

This year, for our family photos, we decided to base our colors on Navy and White with pops of lime green and hot pink.  I love how everything came together.

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