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Focus on Photography- Finding your style


As a photographer, I’m always looking for inspiration.  Everywhere I go, somewhere in the back of my mind, ideas a swirling around.  With so many ideas, it’s sometimes hard to narrow it down for a specific theme or event.  For portraits, my style tends to be more traditional and clean, but for personal snaps, I love to veer more into the lifestyle look.  My scrapbook style is also as eclectic.  I often love the look of the minimalist, but then I’ll find myself drawn to certain elements or papers that add more depth to my pages.  There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to our scrapbooks…we scrap for our own individual books, but here are some things to consider when finding a style that is right for you.

When I first began digital scrapbooking, my overwhelming thought was “I have all these photos, now what?  How do I choose the right page and kit to complement my photos?”

If I have a super busy snapshot – lots of thing going on, busy background, etc…then I’ll either convert the image to black and white, or I’ll avoid a busy page style.  I’ll stick with a minimalist design with only a few elements.  A smaller photo with more journaling is another great way to keep the page simple.

Classic portraits and events tend to get more on my pages.  I can not resist the perfect set of word art and elements to really draw the eye in.  Just remember that the memory is the priority, so don’t go crazy.  A few properly placed elements go much further than the sticker sneeze!  Tell your story, and draw in your audience – even if the only one looking is you.

The perfect way to begin to find your style is to use a template.  Templates take the guesswork out of how much to add to a page and where to place elements.  Jimbo Jambo Designs has a wide variety of styles to fit everyone’s needs – from the minimalist to the eclectic.   And, as always, I love to remind you to HAVE FUN! =)

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