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Focus on Photography- Make your photos stand out!

Hello fellow digital scrappers! I’m Farrah Jobling and I’m honored to start a new project with Jimbo Jambo Designs.  As a photographer, I will be guiding you through a series of articles with tips on taking better photos for your scrapbook pages and really making them stand out with templates from Jimbo Jambo Designs and digital elements.

To start us off, I’ll share 5 super simple tips to great photos for your layouts and be sure to check back often as we have fun delving into more specific topics – from technique to style and anything in between!  


1- LIGHT- every photographer knows that light is the biggest key to great photos. Always be aware of where your light is coming from, whether it is natural or artificial light, whether it comes from in front, the side, or even behind the subject. Know your light and use it to your advantage!

2- De-clutter- The best way to feature your subject is to make sure the background is free from clutter. Watch your angles and watch the details in your background.

3- Rule of thirds- Often times, we’re tempted to just point and shoot so we don’t miss anything, but that also means that a lot of times our subjects are smack dab in the middle of the frame. If we take a moment to shift our camera so that the subject is around the outer 3rd of the frame, it can draw interest to the photo. Another idea is to crop it later when adding it to a layout. This is especially helpful with fast moving pets, kids, or those moments you can’t afford to miss.

4- Think outside the box- see things from a new angle or see them in a new way. Sometimes the best moments are spontaneous, so be ready to grab them when you can!

5- Have fun- remember that we scrapbook for our selves and our families. While you’re practicing your photo skills, always remember to have a great time and take photos and make the most of them. So what if a shot is out of focus, but it brings a smile to your face. It’s your scrapbook and if you love it, GO WITH IT! We’ll focus on more technical topics in the articles to come, but for now, don’t get so caught up that you miss your shot.

 I love this photo of my daughter, Claire that reminds me of our morning cuddles. The light coming into the bedroom window shining on her face, as she played peek-a-boo with me had me grabbing a shot I might have otherwise missed.

Once you have the photo you love, now it’s time to showcase it in a layout. A GREAT way for digital scrapbookers to get started is to use a template. Jimbo Jambo Designs has a fabulous selection to appeal to everyone. Here, I have used a Jimbo Jambo Designs template from High Times and design elements from the Paislee Press kit Down Time. I love the elegant nature of the elements and the ease of the templates – a perfect match to really highlight a great photo.

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hungup said...

Thanks for the great advice Farrah!

Kim J said...

I will have to start catching the small things and not just wait for the "Big" reasons to take a picture! Thanks!

Bloggedy Blog said...

Thanks for sharing your expertise in a friendly way! I love that you're reminding me of what's important, and not getting hung up in the details. :)

Rae Clevett said...

Wonderful article!

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