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Focus on Photography - Back 2 School details


It’s that time of year!  Remember shopping for school supplies and then opening a brand new box of Crayola 64 crayons?  Yeah, I STILL feel that way, but now I get to shop for school supplies with my kiddies.  Thankfully, they share my excitement over brand new crayons (and the other supplies too).

Now that Back to School time is upon is, it’s important to remember all the little details.  I always set up a little photo shoot for my kids before school starts.  It’s a fun way to get them back in school mode and to be creative.  I also love to take photos of the new school supplies!  I try to remember to document the little details.  Their favorites, their best subject, a new outfit or uniform, what books we are reading right now, and what they want to be when they grow up.  It will be so fun to look back some day on what they loved every year and how it changes over time.  

But that’s not all.  Every year, I have a tradition of taking their photos on the front porch with a chalkboard on the first and last day of the year.  I didn’t invent this idea and I’m sure you’ve seen it floating around the world wide web for years.  I like to use the free printables shared by Yellow Bliss Road.  For these, there’s no fancy props or set-ups, but this really is a fantastic way to document how the kids look on the first day to the last day – See how much they have grown in a single year.  What are your Back to School traditions?

Now we come to the fun part!  Scrapping our photos.  I’m sure I’ll end up with more pages, from our shoot and our first day photos, but for now, I’ll share this one.  I used the Reality & Fantasy template pack from Jimbo Jambo Designs because it reminded me of my old notebook doodles.  I used papers and elements from Karen Funk's Road to Success kit .

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Anonymous said...

Such fabulous inspiration for photos AND scrapbook pages! Thank you for sharing! -Meg

KRISTIE said...

Great article.

Thompson Family said...

What great tips. Thank you! Your pictures are always amazing. -Mari

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