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Come rain or shine - new release

Maybe you saw the small sneak peak I posted on facebook this Wednesday. If you did it means you saw some a few parts of the new templates I have for you. I wrote on facebook that if you like to experiment with unusual shadows this pack is for you. It’s just a small experiment as only two templates has a separate shadows. The other two ones are the same as in my previous packs.

I present you new funky templates available in .psd, .tiff and separate PNG files ( numbered from the top till the bottom layer)

below you can find some examples of what you can create with them.

by marnel

by marnel

 by raquel

by mary

by mary

by Cheryl

by sucali

What's more I have three new releases in mscraps so if you missed previous sales it's you chance.

have a great weekend and don't forget about the creative team call - more information in the post below
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