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Valentine's inspirations, my cards' history and freebie

Valentine´s day is almost here. What do you think about this day? Do you prepare sth special, go out with your love one or just treat it as any other day??

To be honest for me it´s a really commercial day and I have an impression that all that fuss around is only to make us buy new things. It’s a nice day but probably you heard many people say: we should have Valentine’s days more often in our lives.

Even though I’m not a big fan of this day I prepare sth from time to time. Few years ago when I lived quite far away from my boyfriend I decided to do something different.
First year  I decided to make by myself some Valentine’s cards  and send each different day. I did sent them but he got them the same day :D Maybe I should have sent them each two days after the previous one but it doesn´t matter now :)

Here are the examples and the details of these cards. However, before you see them I should explain to you that my boyfriend loves turtles so I knew I had to make something with them. As I couldn't find any interesting image I painted them by myself. The other card was made with the paper case for cd's :) Easy and different.

sorry for the quality but the photos were taken in 2009 :)



Then the next year after discovering digital scrapbooking I found some templates and created some pages about us and then printed them and sent. They were quite simple as at that time I didn’t have much idea about scrapbooking. They seamed simple but when I look at them now I would rather say they are classic than simple.
What was his reaction? – he loved them. Now they are placed on the wall of his old apartment and I must admit even though some years have passed they still look great.

If you want to make something fast and just add the photo I prepared an exclusive gift for Creative Lenses Studio fans:

Just become a fan here and you may have a Valentine card ready in a minute. The card is available in PSD, tiff and as separate PNG files.

You may find a lots of ideas and examples to make your own cards in the internet. Here are some I really liked. Even though some of them can be bought I hope you rather get inspired and try to make similar ones yourself. Just click on the image for more details.

Hope you got inspirated! Remember that maybe your scrapbooking pages can be just perfect present for Valentine's. Hope you have fun while creating your cards!
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