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2013 calendars (examples) from Creative Lenses Studio / Jimbo Jambo Designs

as you could see already on facebook I have made a calendar for my cousin.

Some people say it's too late for presents. Maybe for Christmas it's a bit late but few years ago I made a calendar in January - starting from February and the person who received it loved it!! I mean sometimes we just want to give some gifts without any ocasion. I think calendars are perfect for it.
I wanted to show you some examples of how it looked in jpeg and then few pages in reality and the whole construction.

I used this calendar and some kits from Anita Designs and Creashens - more info here

I made months and numbers smaller - changed it in photoshop to 80% as I prefered to add more elements on both sides:

and now the part where you can see how it was made:
In each page I have added a small white line so that the photo can be see well.

This part is still not glued so it's easier to travel with it :)
I pasted a part of two sides tape at the end
closer look
It's really easy to find this kind of paper in any shops for painters etc. I cut all the lines with:

If you are not sure if you can make it your own you can always go to the agency with printed pictures and ask them to make the rest for you (explaining well what you wnat to get) and it's really cheap!
I hope I helped you and that you will try to make it on your own! Let me know if you have any questions!

There are some more calendars in my shop:
in Portuguese version 1

in German

in French

in Portuguese version 2
Big Formats Calendars

in Portuguese

in English

in Portuguese version 2

Art Splash Calendars
in Portuguese version 1

in Portuguese version 2

I hope you find the post useful and you may us ethe information in your own creations.
Have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
and don't forget about the Giveaway here

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