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problems with facebook?? Do you miss something? yes you do!

Lately facebook has made some changes (it's all about money!!) and some of you wrote to me that they did not see Jimbo Jambo Designs post on facebook or they missed coupons, giveaways or info about the sales so I decided to make this post to show you how it can be solved. Here it comes.

1. you need to go the Jimbo Jambo Designs facebook fan page ( and hover over the Like Button. See the screen below:

2. Make sure the “Show in News Feed” is checked as it's show on the page above

3. To organize your favorite pages, create a list of them by clicking “New List…” you will be send to the page below.

4. Click on next

 5 fill in the part - List name - and choose if you want it to be public - I have called mine favourite pages

6. Your lists will show up on your left hand sidebar under “Interests”. Click the list and browse through what is happening.

 7. if you click on your list (favourites pages ) you will always be able to catch up with the giveaways, coupons etc. Then you can always click on news feed and you are back on you friends list.

Hope this tutorial helped you and next week I will post a tutorial how I use my templates step by step with prints screens as today :)

If you have any questions or doubts about this tutorial just leave me a comment and I will be happy to help you.

Enjoy the rest if your weekend.
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