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Sin previo aviso and 7th challenge

Hello everyone,

It's time for the new pack after my holidays. This one is called sin previo aviso and for the moment is one of my favourites - hope it will become your too
you can find it at my scrapinsider shop

 Here are some goooorgeous inspirations from my team (thank you girls!) and after you can find the new challenge:

by zwyck:
user posted image

user posted image

by morgana
user posted image

by lili
user posted image

by whit:
user posted image

by galina
user posted image

by sandra
user posted image

by marnel
user posted image

by sucali:
user posted image

by kerslyn:
user posted image

This week to enter the giveaway and to get a chance to win the whole pack sin previo aviso:
just post a page with the freebie template before Sunday, October 9th
 Increase your chances of winning by posting about this giveaway via twitter  or facebook. Be sure to come back and post a link to your tweet/facebook post as a new comment  to earn the extra entries.
The winner will be announced next week.
here's sin previo aviso free add on:
find it here

and one more thing:
I have a special coupon for sin previo aviso pack in my shop at scrapinsider - just for one person - use SinPA_40%OFF to get 40% off your purchase and if you miss it I have for all of you another one - 10% OFF - use: SPECIAL_10OFF

see you next week, can't wait to see your pages!
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