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Bluish - new templates set - winners and 4th challenge

Hello everybody,

Again Sunday and it's time for the new template set. 
 A lot of  you are asking me if I sell the templates in any shop. Unfortunately not yet but as you can see there are a lot of opportunities to win them - the whole set - posting a page here with the free add on template - one template of your choice - posting any comment here or playing in DST thread every week. What is more, you can double or triple your chances by posting about the new challenge on twitter (adding @JimboJamboD), facebook (we have a facebook page so like it, there will be special giveaways, too) - just add a separate comment for each entry.
As I said before finally we have a facebook Jimbo Jambo Designs fan page (check it on the right) so if you'd like to have more opportunities to win the templates like us. You will have all the info about the giveaways going on and you can post your pages with Jimbo Jambo Designs, too. Just be active and you can be the lucky winner!
I decided that each week I will show you pages that played in the challenge so here are the gorgeous pages that ladies created last week:

by Lori  with the template she won at Dst giveaway - Block of flats template set
you can see it in her gallery

by France - with free add on template - Block of flat templates set
 you can fnd it in her gallery

Ok, now it's time to show you the new template set called - BLUISH:
let me know what you think about it

and my pages with two of the templates:

credits: Jimbo Jambo Designs bluish template, {Just Because} Happily Wet Full Kit - Dani Alencar, Art Junk Alphabet Brushes - Lisa Sisneros Designs

before posting a new challenge I want you to meet this week's winners:
the person who win the whole set Block of flats is:

and the winner of the template of her choice is:
Mozz!! Congrats!!
Ladies please contact me at jimbojambodesigns [at] hotmail [dot] com to claim your prizes.

and now time for the 4th challenge:
post your page with the free add on template or any temp from Bluish set that you will win in any giveaway or just post your comment and you can win a template of your choice.
so the free add on template for this week is the following:
not available
Thanks so much to everybody that participate every week in challenges and giveaways. Hope you're having fun.
This week you can win one of the template of your choice here

I see you next week (June 5th) with new template set and the winners!

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France said...

ooh fun new freebie! Thank you! Lori you lucky gal! They are great templates.
Have fun!!!
Congrats Mozz again! whoo hoo!!!!!!!

Thanks Agnieszka for a fun way to end the weekend.

Mozz said...

Oh woo hoo.. Thank you once again.. I am really feeling spoilt now :)
And this new set, if I dont win them, then please please you have to sell me a set..
They rock..

Hi France and thank you *hugz*
I did do a layout with your last template but just didnt get it up.. Ok download and play.. Thank you once again..

France said...

Aga, I just retweeted your post. I made a LO but I can't upload it yet, will post a link on Friday.
I might have to scraplift that gorgeous red/black/white page of yours Mozz!

Thanks Aga!! I always look forward to your freebie!!

Mozz said...

hehehe France that is Lori's layout.. Its cool :)

And here is mine using this template..
Thank you so much.. might do another with one from the set I won as well :)

BrownEyedSusan Designs said...

Here is my layout with your awesome template.

Jimbo Jambo Designs said...

Here's Géraldine (Dady)'s page who had problems with posting a comment:

Mozz said...

Here is my layout using Template 3 from your Narrower set that I won..
Love them thank you..

Jimbo Jambo Designs said...

a post for Lori who had problems with posting, too:
LOVED this one . . . I created a layout that I never would have dreamed up without this template!

Here is my take on it . . . "


France said...

Here's my two pages made with your lovely freebie (I made one, but then had to make the other one!)

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