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Hello girls!
the week is almost over and as last Sunday I have a new templetes pack - called Block of flats:

Here are my pages with the two of the templates form the new set:

credits: Vera Lim Designs- Family   

and it's time for this week's free template:

not available anymore - please check the new challenge.
this week posting a comment you get a chance to win one of this templates

and here are the rules of the challenge:
use this week's free template with YOUR PRESENT PHOTO... that's it .. there are no more rules this week so just post the link to your page in the comments section and you can win the new templates pack - Block of flats.Double your chances by tweeting about this challenge (like JimboJamboD on tweeter for even more chances - add @JimboJamboD with the link). Please remember to post separate comments for each entry. The winner will be chosen by and posted next week. Please read carefully the terms of use section which you can find attached with the template.

there were just two participants who posted their pages (and tweeted or facebooked about the challenge) so the winner of last templates set - Narrower is:
Mozz!! Congrats!!
Contact me at jimbojambodesigns [at] hotmail [dot] com to get your template set.
I will post the new template set May 29th and choose the winner.
This week you can win one of the template of your choice here

See you next week!
A. (Jimbo Jambo Designs)
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France said...

Congratulations MOZZ!!!!
Enjoy your fabulous templates!

Thanks so much for a new freebie Aga!! I love the freebie template (not sure about using a pic of me but we'll see!)

France said...

Of course I had to tweet too!/acanuckinoz/status/72261000165994496

Mozz said...

Woo hoo :) Thank you thank you..
Just as well I checked as well..
And these look lovely as well, so shall play along again..
And thank you France :)

Lori said...

Loved the template I won! Here is a link to it on digishoptalk:

and I posted it on facebook too!

France said...

here's the page I made, it's not me, but it's one of my daughters

kramer_buffy said...

double thank you!!!!! I am working on my page right now.

-- dalis

kramer_buffy said...

I can't get the download to work. It never asks me for the password and when I download it tells me a password error.

-- dalis

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