So how is the summer? Hot, hot and hot and yes hoooooot. We are having a very hot days lately. A lot of people asked me when I moved to Spain why almost everyone had a swimming pool around their house or neighborhood.  Why? People wouldn’t be able to survive the summer being outside without water. Being said that I prefer this whether to cold winter.

I got back to basic this week and used blocks. I’m totally in love with blocks but I try to control myself. If not each week I’d have just blocks for you.
I wasn’t able to create any page before the release but I definitely will this weekend and will share it with you.

Why did I call this pack Nitty – gritty? As blocks are for me the basic shapes used in templates I thought it would be a perfect name for this pack.
Nitty – gritty means between others -  the basic essentials and for me blocks are these essentials. I mean the blocks templates can be used with every kit, can’t they?
The pack is 20% off this weekend at mscraps
Offer ends on Sunday, 20/07/14.

here are some more inspirations from the team:
 by Marnel
 by Eve
by Jen
 by Diane
by Diane
by me

 Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


new templates - Fever pitch

Do you have time to scrap in summer? I see less and less people around internet and that’s good. Hope you all enjoy your families, friends and good weather! I was on a short holidays in June and filled my head with some ideas. New places, people and activities are so much inspiring even if we sometimes are a bit more tired after the holidays than before it - at least that’s my case.
The new pack this week is called f e v e r  p i t c h. What does it mean? It is known as a state of extreme agitation or excitement and I believe it’s a state we are in in summer.
What’s new in this pack? I added an overlay to each of templates. As the files got quite big you have an option in the download tab to download the pack with the overlays or the templates and overlays separately. As always the templates are available as psd, tiff and png files.
Happy weekend and happy scrapping!
The pack is 20% off this weekend at mscraps
Offer ends on Sunday, 13/07/14.
Have a great weekend


My creative process with Highways and byways pack


Today I have prepared for you another post with my creative process.
I used the highways and byways template,  Fave kit from Digital Design Essentials and DXP Free app to get double exposure effect on my photo (I used this tutorial)

http://www.mscraps.com/shop/jjd-Highways-and-byways/ http://digitaldesignessentials.com/collections/digital-kits/products/fave-kit

 It's time to start:

1. First I chose the photo. I knew I wanted to use this particular one for the beginning for more artistic look. It was also the moment to choose the background paper and simple word arts.

2.When I knew which background I wanted to use I started experimenting with some other paper layers.

3. at that point I clipped all paper layers and I was ready to start with elements.

4. I don’t know about you but I’m splash and brushes addict and I’m more than happy when kit designers add them in their products. They can be sure I will use them in my page! 

5. These butterflies made me want to use this kit. I added them right away after adding the brushes. I tried different shadows styles as I wanted to achieve the realistic look. 

6. Did I have enough of paint splash? No, I didn’t. I wanted even more artistic look so I added some more. Then I found some ribbons and stitching that draw my attention.

7. I always add the final – big word arts at the very end of the whole creative process. The with you word art was used from one of the CT wordarts pack from the lilypad. Sharpening and my page is ready!
You may ask why I haven’t added more elements. Normally I would but my aim was to  draw attention to the photo so I left the rest quite classic without to many elements. The pattern papers added the funky look to the page so I didn’t want to use to many elements. Hope you like it.